last night I had an aural adventure

Kept busy doing lovely stuff.

Last night Emma and I went to The Union Chapel to see ‘The London Gay Men’s Chorus’. They were amazing.It was a fantastic concert , the atmosphere was electric and ( apart from Oaklands nativity) ,I’ve never seen so many proud parents/siblings/partners/friends.The chorus was about 100 strong and they sang and moved beautifully..They started with Labi Siffre’s anti apartheid protest song, ( Something Inside) So Strong. God that is a powerful song ,I think my tears came then , and never really stopped. For ‘Wade in The Water’ an 1901 African American song, the chorus dispersed around the church , with some men standing high above us in the gallery , and sung it in harmony – stunning.The bar was 6 deep in the interval , so we shot over the road to The 24hr shop, bought wine and drank it outside the church. Their final 2 songs were ‘Chiayy Chiayya’ and ‘Jai Ho ‘- which if you’ve seen ‘Slumdog Millionaire ‘ , you’ll recognise straightaway. The choreography for this was fantastic ( 100 men dancing in different directions ) and it was truly the sign of a good concert when you don’t want it to stop.

Today Florence and I went out for brunch to Bills in Covent Garden.We sat in the sunshine coiffed champagne cocktails and ate BLT’s and chips.Just another manic Sunday.

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