Last School Standing

Because I couldn’t bear to hear how the roads were so busy as all the schools have broken up (mine hasn’t , our last day is on wed ), and John didn’t want to hear what had happened in the Tour de France , we drove back from Brum listening to Cheesefest (although there’s only so much Celine Dion and The Carpenters you can listen to ) Radio and turned it off everytime the news came on. So to come back and electronically read about the deaths Amy Winehouse of all those young people in Oslo was quite a shock .My heart goes out to all their families.

I had been quite chipper and worked hard at not letting ‘my 3 years ago happy Barcelona memories of the 5 of us together’ overwhelm me…Jacob and Florence are home, and are both working today ,John and I did The Ealing Comedy festival last night, Grandma is safe and will be happy as she can sit out in the sun and Nanny is amazing .She has a good appetite is up and down those stairs like a Whippet and she even walked to and from the Co-op on her own yesterday ( from our house to The Foresters and back..ish ).Then all this sad sad news and because I don’t like sitting on my own ,I might have to watch ‘The Tour de France, even though I’m not allowed to speak, not even to say ‘whats a paleton?, he’s got a big baguette, the Alps look nice,do they take drugs – that’s inhuman etc etc’

Soupy tomorrow

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