last tent standing

Today was tough at work. We had a leaving assembly for our lovely Speech Therapist, Sue. I am not good at good-byes and I haven’t stood up and addressed a big gathering since Rosie’s funeral. But I did it – I made sure my ‘mask’ was on tight and even managed to sing and lead the whole school in a French farewell medly ( don’t ask ).Then we all watched a series of photos of Sue working with the students while playing lodly in the background was ‘You’ve got a friend’ and the ‘Reach for the stars’. By this time , the mask was slipping and my pain crippling me , so I busied myself with the students and then escaped to my room at lunchtime , with Rosie’s photos.

Since Rosie died ,trashy TV is a source of easy distraction. I know it sounds trite and I apologise if i get carried away with my viewing habits. But I’d just like to add ….did anyone recognise Ivy and Graham , who had a full-blown naturist wedding on Monday nights ‘Four Weddings’? They were on Coach trip a couple of series ago !!Also Tracey who was Embarrassing Illnesses ( I bet Helen C. and all other Sheffield students watch this ) a couple of weeks ago ,with her rotten teeth., was also on Coach trip – they must be compulsive applicants for geeting a freebee out of a C4 trashy prog.

NO news from Jacob , do you think his tent is stii standing ?

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  1. guess who we saw at white heat on tuesday?
    only the gay guy from four weddings!! Jordans stylist? Jordans stylists’ stylist?? who ever he is we chased him into a cab shouting “YOURS WAS THE BEST!!! FOUR WEDDINGS!! YOURS WAS THE BEST!!” stu then ran after the car shouting “FOLLOW THAT CAR! FOUR WEDDINGS!!” holding four fingers up! Its safe to say Rosie was with us all laughing hard.
    the celeb in question was less than impressed by his female harrassers.. can’t think why? what more does a self respecting gay stylist want than a group of rowdy scruffy girls hugging him into a cab?

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