Later that day……

We are so proud , all the boys did it . John’s time was 2hrs 3mins 40secs- it would have been less if he hadnt gone down the finnish sliproad after the first 10K – easily done, ,Bob did it too ! You’ll be pleased to know no-one was disqualified for nudity ( seriously , its in the rules), but there was one scary moment when doing the 20K cycle ride we all cheered John on , he took one hand off the handlebars to wave at us , lost control and the bike ( and John) did a dangerous wobble all over the road- time stood so still for all of us. but, like Lance , he took control and went on to wear his canary yellow jersy – not a colour that suits most people – no comment.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely lamb – the post duathlon meal went down a treat and I’m feeling my age to day – I was really impressed with the Dwyer boys (brotherly competition) and Richard was a star too – (no longer to be considered a plodder) and it was great to share the event with such wonderful people.

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