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Jacob had great difficulty with a particular question . Sarah B.asked him what sort of birthday cake can I make you ?After much thought and a few bouteilles of Peroni , he told her ‘A summer fruit pudding with double cream’. Interesting choice, I thought ( but for once said nothing ) …Jacob never eats fruit. So Sarah B set off for Sainsburies , bought all the ingredients .She had just paid , when Jacob saw the light and phoned her to say he’d changed his mind – he actually wanted a ‘white chocolate ,bread and butter pudding’-His cousin, Sarah B. was very understanding and told him to make it himself .

The reason I am waffling on about this is that last night was two firsts- our first BBQ of 2010 and the first time in 22 years and 1 day that Jacob made a pudding for 10 people, and very nice it was too.

We have all had a lovely week. It is hard to celebrate stuff , without Rosie. It is wrong and sad and cruel , that she is not with us and in my head ,I see her in all those Birthday photos , laughing and sticking her hand in the cake. The longing for her envelopes me ,I want her so much. So having our family over from Copenhagen was a wonderful way to feel a different sort of love and warmth. Little children are a great distraction.

Got up this morning to find John doing his year 6 SATS paper _ as I’ve always said – ‘anything that helps….’

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