Lived there for the first 18yrs of my life , bet they don’t mention kensington Avenue primary school or The Wimpey

Lots of jumpy stuff going around my head at the moment…

I keep humming ‘3 little maids from school are we ‘ as last night we went to see an all singing all dancing vibrant production of Ruddigore – sort of Gilbert & Sullivan meets Glee.

this morning I listened to a very moving interview with Wendy Perriam whose daughter died of cancer .Together with Peter Stanford , she wrote a book ‘Death of a Child’ .She said some wise incentive stuff and associates the Take That song ‘Rule the World’ with her daughter ,so 3 Little Maids , is history and now I’m singing ‘You light the skies up above me. A star so bright ,you blind me.Don’t close your eyes ,don’t fade away.’……………………….to Rosie

Ordered the book.

Jacob was missed at soup kitchen , lots of the punters asked after him .I tried to explain about the film , the bridge and the fish , but they all thought I was mad.

Saw in Saturdays Guardian magazine , the next weeks property section is ‘lets move to Norbury ‘. Surely that should read ‘lets not move to Norbury*, but save a bit more and go west ‘

LOVED the article about Christian The lion – still my No 1 Youtube clip.

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