London is beautiful, but so are The Chilterns

I think I have OCD. Once I find something I love , I go back to it again and again – maybe for OCD, I should replace ‘lack of imagination’. Today I picnic’d and walked on the banks of the River Chess – this time further upstream and then played ‘The Cave’ by Mumford and sons repeatedly on the CD player. You think now I’ve spent 3 hours with Rosie’s ipod jammed in my ears ( while having my mouth clamped open – but still able to communicate with sign language and very flexible toes), I’d know how to load music onto it , but no-one in this house has the patience to show me.

A heap big happy 18th birthday to one of our favourite people , Natchat – it’s all legal now so enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Izzy thanks for The Glee update. Yes Adam the School for the deaf were a bit too squeaky clean , but their teacher was a hoot.

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  1. Bella and I were debating if it’s too early to buy Vol. 1 of Glee on DVD which was released yesterday…but I miss Sue and her acidic tongue!!

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