look into my eyes

Sadly , due to legal reasons Lorna cannot relay her story.

Just got in from Ma’s – didn’t get to go out as we waited in to see the doc . So I left just in time for her to join ‘Judy’s exercise class’. ( very simsilar to Madonna’s daily workout with her personal trainer ).

Florence and Fifi are taking Nat out for her Bday , to see Derren Brown ( no relation ) and Sarah B your entry number has arrived .

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  1. Believe me I would love to tell you but my lips are sealed.Suffice to say that for ‘toyboy’ read ‘homeless man’ and that I sat in something wet and warm and had a very uncomfortable train journey back to Ealing.Best to avoid the Heathrow Connect for a few days.

  2. I had a bit of a rant in an email to chelsea about being insensitively unresponsive and slow, and RESULT have got Alan Grahams mobile no. 07767 700 505 so perhaps you’d have more luck ringing him on there? they have also forwarded my email to him, and to the deans PA, so hopefully things should get moving!
    (apologies to other blog readers who haven’t a clue what I’m on about)

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