Looking out at their sea of faces- pure joy

I failed to say that the crowd of 300 were all little people in blue uniforms- the children of Oldfield Primary where John works . In my life I have never seen such a bunch of well-behaved youngsters- they were absolutely gorgeous.

Lizzy and Liv from ACE Africa, John and I put on a 40minute assembly to be proud of . We had music, facts,photos, Q&A, a make-a football-out-of-recycled-non-sharp-rubbish competition , film of the children of The Southend Academy doing a traditional Kenyan dance- followed by a short clip of four white people from Ealing trying to join in with the same dance and then 3 winners of the MAFOORNSR competition presenting Lizzy with a cheque for £200 for ACE Africa

We ended up with the whole school, staff and visitors joining in a rousing chorus of ‘Jambo’.

It was a really lovely morning .

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