Lorna, need anymore superglue ?

Lorna, how are we going to make the wheelchair spin / will pop socks do ( I hate a tight gusset )/how about a forward roly poly instead of a lift ?

Adam – thanks for that top lunchtime tip . That’s a definite new Thursday lunchtime eaterie for The G and me ….so if ever you are around ??

Now , back to Grandma- she really is sharp as a knife. Lorna , do you remember her telling us how she’d listened to a thing on the radio about Lional Logue , George VI’s speech therapist ,who was featured in the film ‘The King’s Speech’ and she thought he was the brother of Prof Logue , Jane’s Neurosurgeon ? Well last night as I was watching , I worked out he was too young to be Lionel’s brother , but he could possibly have been his son . So before the credits came up ( you know how fast they roll sometimes ) . I whispered (?) to john to look for out for the name Valentine Logue , and low and behold his name popped up ,so yes he was Jane’s surgeon to be .

So for me that film was weird on 2 counts….1) cos I’d met one of the characters albeit when I was 13 and he was 60 and b) That amazing exhibition ,Vanitas, that Florence and I were invited to the private view of as Flo had helped Kate MccGwire with some of her beautiful work, was held in 33 Portland Place, the rooms that were used in the film as Logue’s consulting rooms. All weird stuff.

Going to see ‘Salad Days’ this afternoon . Anything telling you here , I don’t risk letting my head get too empty esp at weekends ?

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