Lost property

Georgina , I can only conclude you have altitude sickness . You know exactly what Grandma went to hospital for , but i’ll give you all a clue – it wasn’t for more hearing aid batteries.

Sadly Grandma is not a happy bunny at the mo- her shingles is really playing her up and she is having trouble sleeping . She phoned at 6am today to tell me she couldn’t sleep ( nor could we after that ) and so if any of you are in the vicinity of Thornton Heath and have an hour on your hands ( plus a complete medical kit ) , please do pop in and see her. After my early morning call ,my day when from bad to worse. I shot up to Sainsburies at 7.55, having been told it opened at 8 today, drove in , only to find it opened at 9. So went to drive out , only to find they had put the barrier down so i was locked in . Pressed the dam button and no soul came . So…….I had to reverse all the way up the ramp , go and bang on the door of the closed store and try and find someone who can help ( if that sounds easy – you haven’t been to W.Ealing Sainsburies ). I then shot off to Embankment to meet and greet the 3 Amigos off their coach from Reading – got stopped by a police check on the way, immediately outside Chelsea College of Art , they couldn’t understand why I was crying , so i gave them the potted version , and took the opportunity to check there was no congestion charge fee today.( there wasn’t ). Got to Embankment , bedded in by the river , then had a txt to say they were arriving at Victoria – so off I shot. again. The good news La Girlies are home safe and sound , and just as Jacob and Rosie on previous years – smelling of bonfires .

I have a black zip up fleecy , left at Matt & Kim’s after the 10K – does it belong to anyone ?

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