Lots of bits

The lovely Steph is staying , She has just got back from Malaysia, having got the train there ( hope it wasn’t ‘East Coast’, we’re still waiting for our refund as they more than an hour late ).

Gill Hilton has done amazingly , raising around £1,800 for Rosie’s charity , by running The London Marathon . A HUGE thanks to a kind kind friend.

Today Steph , Flo,Robbie,Jacob and I picnic’d on the barge Jacob is working on. It is moored by St. Katharines Dock , so we had a birds eye view of Tower Bridge ,The Gherkin …and a pork pie.

We then strolled about 300yds west ,through Wapping for dins and drinkies at ‘The Town of Ramsgate’- an olde Dickensianee pub ,right on the river .We went gourmet with fried fishfinger butties and chips, whilst gazing at the big ships sailing past.

Read about the shark alert in St.Tropez.Declan ,take that JAWS oufit off now and stop scaring the locals.

The delights of Kings College Hospital tomorrow

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  1. Sharks!!!!!?????? Dottie went swimming today…….wondered why there was no one in the sea! You have one day at No 7’s pool on Saturday before it is rented again. After that it is risking having your tootsies bitten off in the sea at Gigaro or veruccas and noisy enfants at the communal pool in La Croix Valmer. Can’t wait to see you. Have dusted the scrabble letters. xxxxxx

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