Lots of bits that don’t tie in

16months ago ,we said goodbye to Rosie. Don’t be fooled , the pain and longing is just as intense, if not more so ,as the shock wears off. I still ask ‘why’ ? No-one has given me an answer. Thanks to all the people who have stuck with us. The photos Bert chose are as usual fab – the first one is taken in Knottsberry Farm Theme Park,California – summer 2007 .The second one was with Georgie, after a makeover.birthday treat- they both look wonderful. I think Rosie went to meet Georginina ( her blind-date name ) straight from Elthorne after doing those photoshoots ( with Laura, Danielle, Izzy,Holly and ?? ) ads for ‘the teachers development Agency’. It was weird to see all their faces plastered all over the tube.

Sally, what a shame, Room 14 ,Brigstock Manor is a much quiter ,lonelier place without you ( as is the rest of London ) – were you meant to be doing the marathon again ?

Without looking at your dictionaries/using spellcheck, would you allow the words ’emo’ and ‘trog’ , in a game of scrabble ? This is a case of me versus Jacob.

Adam, Edward ,Izzy and all other Glee fans – Sue is back on TOP form

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  1. I missed it! will have to watch on 4od. I imagine her teaching style to be quite similar to yours Rachel!

  2. That’s a no to the marathon Rachel – am off running due to injuries (still) – was heading up for a friend’s wedding which is in Devon tomorrow; will let you and Joan know when I’m next back xxx

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