Had a visit from a lovely lady from ‘The Menigitis trust’. She helped to explain the pain and trauma we are experiencing following the sudden sudden death of our wonderful , lively , scatty ( but she could always pull it out of the bag ), funny , happy , healthy , beautiful, kind, creative Rosie. I know everyday I write all this mindless dross, but its only because I love her so much. ( Rosie – not the lady from TMT ! ) The 4 of us are in a place I hope none of you ever have to go to. Please keep supporting us, ask us how we are ( you might not like the answer ) and suggesting stuff. We love to hear your news ( even though it can be quite painful for us )and we always love to laugh . Some fool once said ‘time is a healer’ – what a glib, crass statement, please don’t assume we have ‘moved on’, the longing for Rosie is unbearable.

Later on I had a visit from a lovely friend and colleague of mine , Steve ( yes the one who sends all the jokes – unprintable ). He showed me the photos my class’s residential holiday to Devon. The staff and students all looked wonderful , so relaxed and happy. The tide was out in Bigbury Bay and to see them all paddling…….plus of course the picnics, icecreams, Dartmoor, Janice fishing , dins out , the sunny patio breakfasts, Buckfast Abbey etc etc – I bet there wasn’t as much singing ……….

James and Kate for the final ????

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  1. It’s amazing how your blog has become part of our lives and how we love to hear your news and a your pain stays with us each day because we understand just a little how much you miss Rosie and the five months and thirteen days have dragged and also gone quickly in that peciliar way that time has for doing two things at once – the memory of Rosie shines so brightly like the star she remains.
    We’ll let you know what we think about James and Kate after the interviews

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