Love ( again )

Yesterday ,John and I went to a very beautiful and moving funeral of a ( my-ageish ) lady ,Cathy Webber , who we have known since Rosie died . She was not a close friend,but she has been very kind to us .We got on well .We talked a lot about everything ..her faith ,our travels , our wanting to travel more , her love of animals – especially the big-ones, the elephants,gorillas etc , our grief ( her husband died fifteen years ago ,when he was relatively young ). our fears, our hopes ,our families etc .She was genuine ,kind ,funny ,loyal,caring – all that you’d hope for in a friend. We have shared magic-tricks, days of decorating ,washing up and of course the usual- laughter and crying ( esp in Sainsburys !) .Cathy’s funeral was at St Paul’s Church ,where Rosie’s funeral was , so for us ,it was extra hard .But it wasn’t about us , it was about her .So we dug deep, snuck in behind a pillar and celebrated her life with the rest of them . But ,my eyes were drawn to her mother,Kate , and her two daughters ,Michelle and Claire. I felt such deep pain for them .I have no doubt that everyone in that church felt sad, and was grieving and questioning and all sorts of things were going round in their heads , but after the service and the drinks and the food and the mingling and the catching -up and the sharing of memories are over is sort-of over for them . For us it is never over .Different ,but never over .

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  1. Please don’t stop putting your thoughts out there Rachel,you have an amazing skill with language which really makes me think and see things from a different perspective lots of love as always and do come over to the Island this summer you would love the long sea walks,beer and cakes which are so plentiful over here xx

  2. No idea if there is anywhere official,we do not have a drive but people over here just seem to park up anywhere with vans but we have a spare room you are welcome to xx

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