Love Island only managed 2.6 million

First things first .

We had a wonderful time in Eype, Dorset .The sun shone , the wind blew .Our safari room stood firm , Emerald strutted her stuff ,we went in the sea , ate at The Hive, coffeed and caked at Down House Farm , cliff-walked, Srcrabbled, Dobbled, Dominoed, Broadchurched, pub quizzed ,laughed a lot and thought about the programme. Texts and Whatsapps came through ( when we had a signal ) so we knew John and Rosie were up there – with The Royals .

Then last night John and I dug deep ( I think his digging went deeper than mine ) ,poured ourselves a drink and then watched it . ….

Before a word was spoken , we read

”It is dedicated to all those who have lost loved ones – to young and too soon’

Good start .

Then William and Harry spoke and shared and showed unbelievable empathy ,compassion, sadness and love .They have had huge , heart-breaking ‘if only’ moments. They looked at photos of Diana .That might seem an easy ,everyday thing to do , but in my experience is isn’t .It is dam tough .In those photos your loved one is alive, normally happy and it takes you right back to that moment .You want it back so much ,it breaks you a little bit ,and you have to suffer this without anyone else knowing let alone noticing .

Then it was the turn of CBUK .Kate made an appearance as did Emily and John and Ann .Our hearts stopped . John spoke so well .It was from his heart and filled with love .Then the photo of John and Rosie .John had given Ashley Gething a few photos and that was the one he chose ..happy smiling , we think on holiday in California, all I do know is that Rosie had just come out of the swimming-pool. They seemed to be on the screen for ages- good .I want the world to see her .

They all spoke , the 25 minutes was edited to around 90seconds ,but by the end ,Emily, William,Kate and Ann were all holding the copy of Rosie’s Order of Service that John had given them .Her face was on the laps of the Royals and beamed out to 7.4million viewers in the UK alone.

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  1. I have just watched it again ,and Rosies’ outstretched arms are clearly visible .
    That moved me to tears alone

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