loved the game -Taboo..and the tempura and the fishcakes and the curries.Thank you all tose in The SOC who came round on Sunday Night

This is the first Christmas ever, without Grandma . I knew it was going to be tough ,so we had a strategy meeting ( we ,being me and my newly formed inbuilt cranail self-protection team ). Without Rosie, Grandma gave us a bit of stability .She didn’t know it ,but she was a bit of a rock .We liked talking the fizz and nibbly bits to Brigstock Manor, then Uplands .We liked all the old dears .We liked the singing and the zimmer frames and the young African cleaner dressed as Santa .We liked Grandma saying something quite inappropriate and then telling us she didn’t feel well while downing a bottle of festive-fizz and eating half a plate of brown bread and smoked salmon , then telling us it was over-rating and she’d rather have smoked cod’s roe.

So……I booked somewhere for us for breakfast …and it was lovely .

Never before have I sat down for a full English ,with a huge shiny gherkin just behind my head .We went high ,to the fortieth floor of the Heron Tower , bang in the middle of the City of London .The view was amazing .We had a corner table ,looking out over Tower Bridge,The Tower of london, the very windy bit of The Thames ,Lisa’s barge, The Emirates Stadium,The O2,The Truman Gallery, Greenwich etc etc .Then afterwards ,in the bar , we looked over the other side , St paul’s, Ally Pally, The Eye,The Houses of Parliament etc

I know for sure Jane ,Grandmama and Rosie would have approved .

Now it’s home for a little re-charge and then up to the Clarkes, who have kindly invited us to dinner .Not sure if Richard has a gherkin to show us . ( he’s a keen gardener )

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