Lovely choices Bert

I’m blown away ( again ) by the photos Bert has chosen for this month.They really are happy ones . Laura, Joe and Rosie in Benicassim , Holly and Rosie by a bus ( what is that story ?) and us 5 on The Top of The Rock NYC ( the photo is somewhat spoiled by a big old structure – me. Everyone else looks great ).I know I am biased but Rosie is so Goddam naturally beautiful . I miss her so so so so so so much and I want her even more.

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  1. yea, those benicassim photos are amazing, benicassim was so so amazing both years, with memories that i will keep forever. Such happy times!

  2. Of course there is a story with the bus…how did you know..
    me, holly and rosie coming back from probably PUSH but not sure..the bus got redirected off uxbrdige road for reasons that we weren’t aware of at the time we jumped off at the top of northfields ave and walked the rest of the way. We turned down Leighton road and see a lot of commotion.
    The N207..THE N207 our party bus was stuck on Leighton road!!! trying to manouvre its way round a corner with no avail. we found it absoltuely so funny that this legendary bus was stuck in our little part of ealing. out of its comfort zone. i papped the two of them infornt of it. also there was a man asleep on the bus who has no idea what was going on (or probably where he as).
    i think this was also the night we met Inaki at the back of the n207 (where else), a lovely young man from mexico city and we all scrawled our names on his arm so he could add us on facebook, which he did. he often comes to london and asks us to take him to ‘cool places’..we never have done! i laughed so much that night. xxx

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