lovely Rita meter maid- not

The ‘Mayday Experience’ is not to be recommended.

Got there at 1.30, left at 5pm , threw Grandmama into Brigstock, drove like the clappers to Ealing to see Florences DT exhibition . All good stuff . Flo’s table was fab , better than a Corbusier , but not quite an MFI. As for her lamp , it was beautiful.

Then , Flo , Georgie, Izzy P and I went round to Julia’s to talk ‘T shirts ‘ for the 10K. Although there are hundreds of photos of Rosie, it was hard ( emotionally and tshirtally) to pick one. We hope you like it. Although Georgie has a list of all those who have entered the 10K directly through the charity, we do not have a list of those who have entered independently. So please if you have , plus, if you’re still awake after ready this waffle, email me to let me know…or write a comment on our bloggy thing. feel free to add your bust measurement and any other vital info ?! The T shirts will cost about £7 each. If you are not running and you want a T shirt …a) you should feel ashamed of yourself or B) just let me know.They should be ready in about a week.

Left Julia’s , wined, coffee’d and chocolated up to find a nice little gift on my windsceren – a parking ticket for £50. As Rosie would say ‘sweet’.

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  1. You got a parking ticket?! For where you were parked outside of Julia’s? God thats annoying!
    Me and Izzy had meeting number 2 at hers today (over a platter of cheeses bread and meats-yum) to try to figure out the best way to get the t shirts to the masses. Should be easy enough, once all those people who have entered independently let us know…!
    Also i agree, very very impressed with Flo’s stuff. x

  2. impressed with flos stuff especially her pool table… oh wait did flo not make that amazing pool table. well I was impressed by her stuff too.

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