It’s Thursday , which means ‘the dynamic duo’ , Jacob and moi took Grandmama out to lunch. We returned to one of Rosie’s favourite haunts ( they do a great Pimms in the summer ), the cafe at Dulwich pictury Gallery- only to find they were queueing out the door ( never been known before ). We reckon its cos The Walter Sickert exhibition is on and all the people in S.E. london still believe he’s ‘Jack The Ripper’ and they were visiting a posh version of the london Dungeon. So….we hot footed it over to my teenage watering hole ‘ The Crown and Greyhound ‘ ( known affectionately to Sydenham high girls as ‘The Dog’ ) , made a huge kerfuff in finding a light , spacious , quiet spot to sit and ordered lunch . Grandmama had the risotto. All was going swimingly until she asked what was in it . Jacob told her Shitake Mushrooms , she didn’t hear , volume levels went up ….the rest is history.

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  1. ahh this dwyer family blog is perfect stuff for avoiding revision, sitting infront of my computer laughing aloud looking well losery!
    i think i may have cheated the system by writing on here cause im still banned from the message board for having a stupid email address!

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