Making the most of my last days of freedom

It felt like we were back in Morrocco yesterday, no not the heat, snake-charmers or having your teeth pulled out in the public square, but in a little oasis in Belgravia ( For all you non-Londoners , this is the very posh part , sort of Knightsbridge area ). AF, Flo and I went to ‘Ottolenghi’s’ ( sadly , I cut out his recipes from Saturdays Guardian ) deli and bought the most fab lunch – marinated monkfish in coriandery salady stuff, auberginey limey creamy pinenutty salad and a crisp broccoli salad and Forracia. ( Has anyone read the book ‘Toast’ – i think I am beginning to sound like a thick Nigel Slater ? ). We then toddled across the road and ate it in a little Morroccan garden in the basement of Rococco choc shop- and then finnished off with sea salt choc and cappa frappas.From there we did ‘culture’ at the Saatchi Gallery, and from there afternoon cream tea , sitting outside in a cafe somewhere just off Sloane Square……..we then split up. Rosie was with us every step of the way – she would have LOVED it. . The 2 amigo’s came home and I shot off to Butlers Wharf to meet a friend . Another fabulous part of London. ( only slightly spoiled by Jeremy Clarkson being in the same restaurant as us ). Geoffrey ( my Dad )used to work up there and they have done itthe whole area up. So we sat , dining al fresco , looking at the beaut view of Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and The Gherkin ( thats a building NOT dinner – although I am partial to a large sour pickled one ), having a 2 course dins for £10 clutching our Evening Standard offer !

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  1. literally laughed out loud Rachel, you have such a good way with words… this blog is better than most of the guardian columnists. you should have slapped jeremy he’s such a bell end. Barcelona is very very hot, we are off to the beach at some point, I have been informed there is a great bar selling cheap mojitos, so will definately have one, or five, especially for Rosie

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