Mary and Duncan

How exciting , I have an mystery cyber stalker born after 1962 – reveal yourself ( not literally , this isn’t ‘off your facebook’ ). I reckon its AF.

Dined with ‘The Dorset Rescue Team ‘ last night . We had deilicious ‘Jamie’s fish pie ‘. We had that on Millenium eve, just before we lit the first firework, 2 yards away from 135’s conservatory ( it did say to light this bomb at least 50yds from the house )- don’t they realise people in West Ealing , don’t have gardens that big. It was such a wonderful , happy night- I would do ANYTHING to have Jane and Rosie back with us.

Michael told his ‘ Miss Jean Brodie ‘ joke . It has to be the best joke in the world closly followed by the chance meeting in the ‘Tower of London’ one . But , they are all in the telling.

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