Mary Catherine Dwyer ‘ Dolly’

I don’t know why ,but I always called John’s Mum Mary, Nanny . Probably for the same reason I called my Mum ,Grandma and my Dad ,Geoffrey ( don’t ask ) .

On Monday night there was a Mass for Nanny and on Tuesday ,it was her funeral .
My muddly old words won’t do the whole occasion justice , but I would just like to say what a wonderful funeral it was and what a real testament to her faith and the love and devotion of her family .

The Priest ,Father Denis J McGillycuddy conducted a lovely, warm , funny, thoughtful, caring Mass, and the music and hymns and words of some of Nanny’s Grandchildren were beautiful .

The sun shone for her burial ( she is now with John’s Dad ,Patsy ) , and then we went to the reception back at the pub. Rick and John both made fantastic speeches .
It was a perfect tribute and good-bye to her

And tonight ,we are going to Ealing Abbey for another Mass- this time for Rosie .

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