Master Demetriou

Yes we have sUch happy memories of that part of the world…picnics, rounders , Gerald’s over exuberance on the footy pitch etc etc.

George harrison lived in Friars Court , just outside Henley. Its an amazing Gothic Mansion ,set in huge grounds complete with follies, grottos etc. The only tenuous link I have with him is….in our hall we have a portrait of Uncle Arnold, painted by his close friend, Caroline Bleakley. Well, she taught George Harrison’s son art at the local 6th form college and she met George and Olivia when they went to his final exhibition – impressed eh ? Also, my brother, Richard had’ Beatle wallpaper’ !

Kept busy today…swimming at 6.30, which is turning me into a peroxide blonde and a drama run , closely followed by a” welcome to Ealing party ”for a new friend and neighbour- Claire. It was a poor turnout …me and her in her kitchen, but we had met about 12 yrs ago in France and we have a mutual friend – the lovely Juju ( my sister,Jane’s best friend, Steph’s sister ) and Claire is new to the area – keeping up ?? .Closely followed by a smattering of ( pre recorded ) Jonathan Ross and another drama run …and the another drama run – dont ask. Did my little theraputic walk along the canal to ‘Grounds’ and had coffee with Julia. Now Flo and I are joining John and the Clarkies ( yet another good name for a band ) for an early supper at Charlottes Place .

Just read in the paper that Lagi didnt make it into school on Monday . I reckon he’s resting before appearing at Freddie Flintoff’s party.

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  1. And Rachel, afraid that I would forget all the interesting things you told me about the neighbourhood, I thought I’d better get going straight away – so I went to Waterman’s last night (Satruday) – saw a French film which I really enjoyed. It’s a great place – and there seem to be so many places where you can get down to the river. I didn’t walk to Osterley today as it was pretty wet – so will do that another time. Swimming at 6.30 is very impressive indeed. And thank you for looking after a set of keys for me – I’ll try really hard not to wake you up in the early hours of the morning.
    I have looked and looked at the photos of Rosie and the Order of Service. I thnk it’s wonderful and amazing that you all contributed to it.

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