Matthew Cutler’s my favourite and now he’s on the bench.

Edward , my favourite was ‘Health and safety’. Your Mum says that you’d danced with one of them , Which one? Does this count as ‘a claim to fame’ or a ‘starspot’ ? Cos my hearing is so dam hit and miss, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t hear the words .You’re in the business, could you suggest sub-titles? If they quibble , throw the equal opps book at them .Yesterday it was Saddler’s Wells , today it was Battersea car-boot .Not quite the same clientele !

Did you see ‘Strictly ‘last night ? Once coming down off the ceiling after hearing the music ( it was the last ever programme I watched with Rosie . I thought that pairing of Anton and Ann Widdicombe ,a complete set up . He’s the token ‘com’ guy in it and she’s there to be laughed at .Plus they always match couples for their heights – he’s one of the tallest and she’s the shortest…plus- they’ve got rid of all the oldies ( except Brendan ) and left Brucie’s body double, Anton, in.

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  1. Yeah I did National Youth Ballet with Drew, he had the (really distracting) floppy brown hair…he led the platform boots one I think? And it is indeed a claim to fame..talking of which, Paul O’Grady was there the night I went, though he was quickly ushered away from the masses into the cushy champagne area!

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