Me and Chaz!!

It has been 3 days of some very mixed emotions.

We are so pleased to have held the exhibition for Rosie as we are so incredibly proud of her and it was good way for us to express our love. For everyone that was able to attend ( and there were hundreds) Thank You for making it such a special occasion. I felt really sad locking up the Triangle for the last time. In a way it was like saying good bye to Rosie again.

We were very pleased that Charles Saatchi attended the exhibition yesterday, particularly as he rarely attends functions. Even more remarkably he was suffering from the flu and had got out of his sick bed and was heading back there after seeing the exhibition. He was genuinely very impressed with the quality of all works and very moved by the way so many people had expressed and shared their feelings for Rosie. He particularly liked the Charity Shop piece by Florence (praise indeed) and he said the two large portraits were a great idea and looked superb. Of course I told him that Rachel would be disappointed not to have met him , so he has invited us to his office at his gallery.

Take care


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  1. after reading the wikipedia quote, I’m even more amazed he came, what a fantastic achievement. I hope flo will remember us when she is rich and successful after being “discovered”!

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