Melanie,Georgina and Sarah- my absolute favourites

LOVED the Grayson Perry ‘Who Are You’ at the NPG , and by this time tomorrow ,I might be able to afford one .
Jacob is home and as I type , betting away at The Cheltenham Races .
Just in case he’s not a few grand up on the accumulator ( if such a thing exists ) ,I bought a couple of postcards .
You have 2 days left to see it .

3 Replies to “Melanie,Georgina and Sarah- my absolute favourites”

  1. Never forget today’s your bday Rachel. Not sure of the words to type being Mother’s Day too, but send lashings of love and giant hugs to let you know you’re in my heart and thoughts !!!!! X

  2. Ps. Janis ,I’ve tried writing to you ,as I do not have your email address , but I fear it might be your old address , so if you haven’t received my good old fashioned letter ( about meeting up in the Easter hols ) and if you do read this ,would you mind contacting me via the contact email on this website – ta .
    Sorry to sound so cryptic- it really isn’t ! x

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