Monday -part 1

Sally,thanks for saying that .

Well here is some stuff that effected me last week .I took a long time typing it and then the computer wouldn’t let me enter as one part – that’s why there are 3 – sorry .

Off walking today in The Chilterns today ,seaside tomorrow , with the Olympics in between .Look out for Johnney ,he is at The basketball tonight

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  1. Rachel, thankyou for writing such personal things . I think it helps us to help you ,if we know how you feel.On saturday ,I read “I’m on my own now” and this is the paragraph that I thought was most honest “My mum says some of my friends probably feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say , but i don’t think thats good enough’ she says “Right now its about how I feel-not about how they feel”.When I spoke to my mum about this she said ” there is nothing worse than your child dying”
    Thinking of you

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