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Barbara ‘Cutie’ Cooper is an agony aunt in her mid-90s who gives advice on line on her blog .She speaks a lot of sense . These are her wise words on grief

” Grief affects each person uniquely. You cannot predict or control it .You must endure it, accept it and let it pass through you so you can move on .”

Apart from the phrase ‘move-on ‘ , I agree with her whole heartedly.

Jacob ‘Cutie’ Dwyer is an artist with a residency at de Ateliers in Amsterdam .These are a few of his wise words he wrote on a postcard .” Last thursday was the opening of The Stedelijk Museum ( after being closed for ten years ) .Ateliers participants were invited, so we were looking round the gallery til 11pm in the company of the Dutch Queen and anyone big from the art world…….”

I thought you might be interested

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