More apolojies

Just read my last entry and it makes no sense , not even to me. I was so thrilled that Nikki B had commented on something i wrote a week ago , and she told us that she too watches ( and loves )’ Coach Trip ‘. I was 30mins late in going to Katrina’s for a drink and so just typed something quickly – apolojies, except to Nikki , who is now officially ‘ my new bessie mate’. Plus , I adore that photo of you and Rosie kissing, it is on your justgiving page and it always makes me smile – you both look so happy.

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  1. Rachel ! Sorryy i was behind on your blog, but im so glad we can now be bezzies.Have you been watching the new series as im not completely up to date on that one. But it is actually my favourite tv programme, i was going to apply be on it too, but then amy was well slow so we missed the deadline. did u see when that lady anne like touched up one ofthe young lads?? so strange still cant believe she did that. luckily she got red carded that evening. for inapropriate behaviour. who are your favourites?haha and brendan too. so funny.I also really love the photo of me and Rosie kissing on the dancefloor of white heat, think im going to get kodak to print me a big version.such happy times.Loadsa Love from Nikki Bxxxxx 

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