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Augustine, from ACE , has set us 4 photos of Brenda, Southend Academy’s newly appointed Art Teacher , and some of her students. Bert ,has kindly put them on the website.To look at them go to Rosie’s Charity Page,then Charity Photos and then click on more photos. I find it amazing that part of Brenda’s job spec is to familiarise the students with the Rosie Dwyer website…I hope they don’t think this writing is proper grammer like what we use all the time.

Quite a few people have asked me if we are doing ‘The British 10K’ this year….what do you think ? Being a realist, I don’t think it would be on such a large scale, but I think it could be quite fun , with a beer and bbq back here afterwards for the runners.As well as the run(?) and post run party , I feel it is a way of showing our love for Rosie, being together with people who feel the same way. I don’t think we could ask ACE to pay peoples entry , so I’m afraid you’d have to find the entry fee and then get as much sponsorship as you can.

John and Jacob are considering doing a HUGE charity event in Kenya , for ACE, later this year…all will be revealed very soon .

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  1. woo wooooooo! 🙂 great news!
    I would like to do the 10k again 🙂 and am vvery excited to hear about john and jacobs HUGE charity event!

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