Ms Li performs

Old Lykke gets around , doesn’t she ? Adam saw her in Southwold , now she’s popped up in NYC – both places Rosie loved. Jacob , how spooky about ‘The Manhattan Diner’ so glad you went there , shame about the beer . Do you remember that first one / We’d been in USA 2 hours and 10 of us sat down to burgers , fries and beers – heaven. In 2 more hours we were up the top of The Empire State and an hour after that , we’d lost Helen and Rosie !

Flo has used a crate of charcoal today – been to her first life-drawing class, while poor John went to work, Richard and Lise went up to town and I went walking with my friend , Angela.

Sorry , a domestic entry , Jacob I have sent you an email from Chelsea – not your host, the college. keep having a ball !

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  1. just read the copy you sent me, no idea what the “no cost,dry hire basis” is all about! but the “no cost” part cant be a bad thing… I hope ‘dry’ doesnt refer to alcohol, because sod that, I’m having a box of wine. x

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