Music reaches parts of the brain other things can’t

The Pink Singers( who are europe’s longest established lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender choir ) , and their special guests , The South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus were amazing .My friend from work ,Chris , did the arrangement for Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You feel My Love’. It was beautiful, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. But I think my favourite song in the whole concert was ‘Somewhere ‘. You’d know it if I belted out …”There’s a place for us , somewhere a place for us”. I’m pretty sure it’s from West Side Story ( CBA to google it ). Second favourite was MTFML and then 3rd favourite was ‘I Gotta Feeling’ .Ironically ,we play that a lot at work.My students love it ,and ,if at the end of the day we’re feeling a little sluggish ,we put that one on and we all end up dancing .Sounds cheesy …it is and yes , we are , but happy with it.

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