My candle is lit for Jane today-13 long years

Dorothy told us all about the paintings,the art ,the lampshades,the garden,the studio, the food ,the children ,the war etc …but failed to mention ,the incest ,the sexual abuse ,the affairs ,the depression and the suicides .Charleston is a beautiful house on the South Downs ,go if you can ,especially if you like the art of The Bloomsbury Set .If Dorothy is your guide ask her a few probing questions.

On Wednesday night ,myself and 2 friends stayed in a lovely hotel in Lewes. Ours was a huge room ,with an even bigger bathroom . I’ve never really understood the attraction of the big space with a huge roll-top bath in the middle of it .But on Wednesday night I did. My friend’s snoring was so bad ,it left me no choice ,but to move my bedding in there and sleep on the floor or rein-act an episode from the life of Vanessa Bell .Luckily for her so I plumbed for option one and woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed !

I’m missing ‘Gogglebox’ already – last Friday’s one was genius esp ‘The Full Monty dole-queue scene ‘ .Even John and I were doing the moves .

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  1. Rachel, I, too, had a candle lit for Jane. I think about her often, and miss her always. I can still hear her laugh. xxx

  2. I know , we used to howl together .
    When we next meet ,remind me to tell you’ the Dorset Vicar’ story ..Jane and I were hysterical and I still laugh when I think about it now

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