My coccyx doesn’t feel quite right

If you are anything like John, you have watched the Tour de France , followed by the Tour de Italy , followed by The Tour de Spain followed by the current Tour de Britain . With this in mind ,and one for keeping up with current trends ( not ) ,today I took a group of my students ‘Companion Cycling’ It was brilliant .I’ve done it once before about 6 years ago , and now they’ve got an adapted bike with a ramp on the front , so someone in a wheelchair can be pushed on in reverse and then their chair clamped into place and with someone strong , experienced and confident they can fly like the wind .Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone strong, experienced and confident ,and so they had to make do with me . There were only a couple of hairy moments , one when a small child and his scooter parted company right in front of us and once when i forgot to change down from fifth gear and couldn’t make it over the hump back bridge .I don’t think Laura Trott’s got anything to worry about . ( but I did turn a few heads in my Day-Glo lyrca )

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