My first saturday job was in a florist.Salary-50p

Oh Nikki, what an absolute pain, I feel for you, I’d have been well hacked off. Still when Jacob returns I promise you a Turkish night here, and if it’s warm ,we’ll even get the paddling pool out and have our own little dolphin show. Not sure how we’ll reinact the ferry rides/feeding the seagulls as they follow the boat/ the shisha / cocktals/ nightclub,/climb up the Gelata Tower/ fishmarket/Jacobs friends/Mosque/spice market /6 in a cab for 50p at 5am etc…but we’ll dam well try .

John and I went to see the much publicised Orchid display at Kew Gardens. ( not a shisha pipe in sight ). Personally ,i think it’s abit naff.Too many colours crammed into 1 place. When you look at them individually ,they are stunningly beautiful, but when put together they look like those plastic ones you get from the 99p shop. ( For what my opinion’s worth )

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  1. haha flo told you about the crraaamped cab. i think one of my favourite bits (aide from the amazing dolphinarium) was eating some dinner at about 10 in the fish market. it was silent for about 20 mins while we all just ate ate ate (after three takards of beers with nothing to eat all day). xxx

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