My fish is still alive

We are back from a lovely week in Walberswick .That place never ceases to capture my soul .I guess it’s got a lot to do with the fact I have been going there since I was young ,it is beautiful ,that Jane’s ashes are scattered there and Grandma requested her ashes be scattered there too . All sounds morbid ,but it’s not .When I’m there I see all of us , especially Jacob, Rosie and Florence ,on those swings or catching crabs or in the sea or having a cream tea .I also see their friends…Alex, Charlotte ,Georgina, Helen,Kate, Laura, Natalie,Ollie and Tim , who stayed there with us at various times

Don’t know about you ,but on holiday we have little things we always do ( see above plus- played boules, contract, doms,did the late night-pitch-black-Walberswick-loop-beach-walk , beach BBQ, got lost on a walk- not the LNPBWLBW one – this year it was a Covehithe loop,when we ended up in a field full of brambles ,walk/cycle to Southwold pier and do all the Tim Hunkin stuff , dinner in The Anchor and The Bell,eat fresh crab at the harbour , fish and chips by the sea , have a few domestics- it’s not all ‘Walton’s Mountain’ ).Well we did all those ,but this year we did some new stuff ….1.Saw a seal 2. I went swimming in the sea ,every morning at 8 am .I met Caroline,Matthew and Shirley-Ann ,on the beach ,and in we ran -I LOVED it .Freezing , but fantastic. 3. Looked up ,for Rosie’s Star 4. Took more stuff to the beach , including our new camping table – great for scrabble and picnics , plus John took his new Father’s Day pop-up Quercha tent .It went up in 2 seconds and looked cool and trendy (?) , unfortunately ,we never mastered the art of taking it down .Only Florence could do it – so we only put it up once .As a result John has a peeling head. 5. Did the crossword.One day one I read ‘ a study in The New England Journal of Medicine of 469 people over the age of 75 found that doing crosswords four times a week reduced the risk of dementia by 47%’ and so everyday we bought the paper and sat on the beach and had a go at it .Days 1-4 were fantastic ,I only texted 2 friends for answers to clues about music , day 5 and we only managed half , and now we have to wait Tuesday for the answers.Sort of gone off the boil with that one.

It’s nice to be home – and the good news is ,the washing machine is fixed

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