My friend Chris did a lovely arrangement of ‘Both Sides Now’

It happened again .
Last night I got told off …and it took me right back to that time on The Chilterns ,when I was squeezing my size 8 frame ( plus rucksack) through a kissing gate ,when some silly old bag of a golfer told my friend and I to keep our voices down as she was concentrating on her swing …I wouldn’t mind but we were outside in the bloody countryside on a public footpath .Does she have a monopoly on the air we breath ?

Anyway rant over , back to last night .

During the interval whilst sitting in The Cadogan Hall having watched the most amazing ,uplifting,heartwarming,freedom fighting ( clips of Gay Pride marches in Russia and how the participants were brutally treated by the police… followed by footage /words of Martin Luther King, Emily Pankhurst, Nelson Mandela , Malala, Aung San Suu Kyi etc ) while listening to the most beautiful voices of The Pink Singers and The Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus , concert ,the woman in front of me turned round and asked if I wouldn’t clap so loudly .

I think she’s a friend of Mrs Grumpy the Golfer

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  1. When Stevie and I were in London just before Christmas to see a show,the American woman behind us tapped her on the shoulder and said…..her hair was too high???
    She spent the rest of the show slumped in her seat and couldn’t walk straightened up at the end!!!!
    Some sad people out there. But what’s worse, we said sorry??? AHHHHHH
    Huge hugs x

  2. Why are some people so intolerant ?
    I adopted the silent approach – which is very unusual for me . I was so cross with her ,but , I didn’t want to make a scene and I remember my dear friend Bev saying to me once ‘never underestimate the power of silence ‘ which is easier said than done !
    I clapped quietly right up until the end when both choirs were on the stage and they sand Witney’s ” I want to dance with somebody’- it was AMAZING .
    What were you seeing ?

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