My new bible- Benedict le Vay’s ‘Britain from the Rails’

Sunday Times Travel 05.05.13 Page 8 ”Tights,Camera,Action- Cycling is now officially cool ”

That’s why I go walking .

Saturday was what I call a ‘Mr Wemmick’ kind of a day ….we missed our train to Wrabness, got the next one ( no hardship ,time for coffee and scooby snacks at my favourite station – Liverpool Street ) .Walked from Wrabness, along the banks of The River Stour , to Mistley – supposedly the most haunted village in Britain – took the wrong path ,missed Mistley ,but walked back along the river to Wrabness .Missed the hourly train to Mistley ( just at the point it pissed it down ), so got the train the other way to Harwich .Harwich looked like a dump ( plus it was still raining ) ,so stayed on the cutesy-hug-the-River-Stour-Mayflower Line and went back to Mistley . Saw the beautiful Robert Adam Church and graveyard where the horrible Matthew Hopkins,The Witchfinder General ( hence the ghosts ) ,is buried. Drinkies in The Mistley Thorn , train to Manningtree, Constable ( the painter ,not the local constabulary ) Country, train to Liverpool Street ,to find there was still no Central Line .Hot bath.

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