My sister Jane

Shifted wood and thought a lot about Jane who was born 59years ago today .She died in 2001 .

I know ,like Rosie and I , Jane would have loved Strictly.

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  1. Been thinking about Jane all day……and it is laughter that is foremost in those thoughts. There were times when it may have appeared that she had little to laugh about but her ability to see the funny side never failed her and brought so much joy to those around her. I loved it when someone would say something stupid….. particularly about her disability and you would catch her eye……I’m laughing now!

  2. Adding to Declan’s comment. I also thought of Jane yesterday and as for the Strictly Come Dancing, yes she would have loved watching others dance but how she hated anybody trying to push her around to music in her chair!! I think she would have been a fantastic judge, and would have given Craig a run for his money, but I don’t think she would have thought much of Brucie!!

  3. I also thought of Jane on Sunday, as I often do. I remember driving to 53 thirty years ago, and being with her in her room just laughing. Joan often came up as well and joined in. That is my biggest memory of her, as well as many others. Now, what would she think re Bruce being knighted I wonder? By the way Rachel, I would love that cup of tea, even if it is cold x x

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