My ‘song of the evening was Chris Farlowe’s ‘Out of Time’

A beautiful choice of photos Bert, thank-you. The first was taken in Reus airport ,August 2008 .Jacob and Rosie were flying home and Natalie and Fiona D. were flying in . Jacob,Rosie and Florence were laughing at me as I was blubbing .I was sad I wasn’t going to see them for a week …..enough said. The second was Rosie dressed as Marilyn Monroe for the Hanwell carnival .I’m pretty sure the dress was one of Sarah C’s ( they had the best dressing up stuff ) .Rosie was so proud .I can see her now grinning as she walked down Boston Manor Road – it breaks my heart all over again .The blog photo ( I think ) was taken on my 49th Birthday ,2007 .

But Rosie would have been proud of us last night .It was one of those evenings that started off as supper and a game of cards ( I came last ) , with a few tears and a sharing of hankies and bodily fluids ,and evolved into a KD&K- kitchen disco and karaoke. We were hysterical with our moves , we cranked up the music , sang so so loudly and all was going swimmingly til old jimmy Saville popped up with Peter Kay’s ‘Is this the way to Amarillo ?’ …so we cut him , switched to Peter Kay’s 500 miles and ended the night singing the 8 minute version of ‘American Pie’. I bet the neighbours loved us . Home at 2.50 – unheard of for us.

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