Natalie C. and Hazel K. …and anyone musical -Kenya needs you .

”Dear Rachel, How are you and your family ?I am very fine as I prepare to sit my KCSE exams early November this year .My family told me to pass their warmest regards to you. your family and friends .They said ( esp Mum and Shirlet ), they love you so much We would really love meeting you .

I will forever thank you for making me able to near my dreams. I promise never to let you down .The ripe fruits of your tireless labour will soon be realised.may God bless you with many more years on earth .

We have had a four days holiday then back to school for a three week tuition programme.This means we shall not close school again until the august holidays.

Otherwise last term was fine except that we,the drama group face a major challenge.We lost our drama group patron.he went for further studies and so our play for the year had no director.As a club and a little support from the school administration, we managed to get to the provincial level.We are also preparing for the music festival competitions due next term .I know we shall manage to get to the national level though we have a shortage of teachers of music in the school too.I will always be grateful to you for your big heart.Greet your family and friends for me .Yours faithfully,

Caren Wanjala

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