NB: Mega bus is NOT a bit like ‘Coach Trip’.

I was up with the lark ( 4.30am to be precise ) , and it wasn’t the anticipation of taking Grandma out to lunch , BUT to see Florence off on her trip to Edinburgh. She had originally planned to go on the Megabus for about 99p ,until she realised it left about 3 days before and went via Truro,Cardiff, Norwich, Liverpool , Stornaway and Newcastle ( or something like that ). As a surprise Jacob booked himself onto the last leg of the journey . It must have been a surprise for him as Florence wasn’t actually on the bus .I had dug deep into my Airmiles purse and while Jacob was snuggled up next to a snoring Yorkshire Man in close proximity to an overflowing toilet, Florence was sipping a Bloody Mary and tucking into a BA ubercold bagel !

Hopefully , by now they have met up and are tucking into a Scottish breakfast ,with an optional pint of heavy in each hand. People keep mentioning Arthur’s seat , I don’t know who he is , but I’ve told Florence to keep well clear of it.

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