I have a confession to make , I nearly killed Grandma today ….not deliberately I hasten to add……..

Well we went to a small retail park , just outsie Croydon, to buy her a new seamless, 100% cotton, ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ ( I know- too much information ). Only to find M&S had closed down – so we couldnt even buy a sandwich. This made Grandma’s day as she had a Mac(crap)Donalds cheeseburger and chips , and a little kid happy as she gave him the crappymactoy which was in the (un)happy meal.

Anyway from there we trundled off to Sainsburys, I parked up , put LBC on at 87,000 decibels and left Grandma in the car to hear yet more discussion about the budget. When i returned , her passenger door was wide open and I thought she’d been kidnapped. Luckily that was not the case – she’d just nearly expired…I’d forgotton to leave a window open ….or the burger was dodgy

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