Never again

Put these sentences in the right order

  1. Pick up 3 male Italian students at 11pm on Thursday .Discover , to my horror, one is 14 ,the other two are 15.
  2. Physically show them bus stop for buses to Ealing Broadway .Give them map and house keys and bus numbers .
  3. Students leave at 8.30 on Friday morning ..asking for directions to said bus stop and forgetting map and house keys and bus-numbers , but telling me they will be home for dinner at 7pm .
  4. Friday evening John and I twitching as we are due at friend’s house for supper at 7.30pm and NO sigh of students .They do not respond to my texts .
  5. 7.40pm- I get taxi to friend’s house in Hanwell .I apologise for John .Luckily there are three other guests there .We eat ,drink and make merry .
  6. Meanwhile back at 106 , John has muddled texts and frantic phone calls from 3 scared and lost boys .
  7. At 10.30 pm, after numerous texts and one phone call from the Italian teachers host family – boys are located and John picks up boys from Boston Manor Station .They are bewildered and cannot explain where they have been or how they got there .John brings them home ,gives them chilli and rice and TLC .Chilli too spicy and so pushed around the plate .
  8. John arrives at dinner-party at 11pm .He dogs down a huge glass of red wine ,has the cheese course and then eats the last of the home made spotted dick , golden syrup and custard ( sublime )
  9. We go to bed at 2am- pooped and wording the letter to the agency in my head .
  10. Yes you’re right- they are all in the right order .I started to jumble them round ,but, even I became confused

Thank God for a less stressful yesterday …

The boys made it home ( one and a half hours late ) after a day in town

I went to the exhibition ‘Art under Attack’ at the newly renovated beautiful Tate Britain

and then saw

The fabulous, amazing , wonderful , powerful ‘The Scottsboro Boys’ at The Young Vic.

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