Never been there

We went to Soupy on Sunday .
I got talking to one of the regular guests ,James. Sitting on the other side of him was a female guest I had never seen before . James seemed to know her and introduced me with ‘I don’t know her name , but she’s Lithuanian ‘.I asked her her name – Karolina , then introduced myself and then proceeded to tell her everything I knew about Lithuania … which isn’t much . But as I went to Vilnius a couple of years ago , it was an opportunity for me to do a bit of brain gym and share everything I remembered of the city .So in over-emphasised sign language I attempted to describe the beauty of the 3 huge crucifixes on the hill , the snow , The Contemporary Art Centre ,The ice on the River Arno , my favourite bar ,Spunka ( struggled with the sign language for this one ) etc etc .
Karolina nodded and smiled and then said 2 words ‘ I’m Polish ‘.

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