new photos

Lovely ( international ) photos Darren – thank you

San Clemente, Copenhagen and Morocco ( I think ) .

Makes us sound like The Kardashians , which we weren’t , but I’m so glad we visited all those wonderful places and have such happy memories .

The best bits in my life now , are when we’re all together having an adventure , be it on a little boat in Dam or in the mud in Scotland . Look out the Wadden Sea – for that is where we’re we are heading next , with Rosie holding our hands and pounding in our hearts, at all times .

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  1. We always stay at Bloc hotel in St Paul’s Square, really good rates and handy for town but still quiet. We’ll either get a cab back or drink until the buses start in the morning…..Actually I’m tutoring Sunday morning so I could stay up all night in theory but I won’t be able to carry on drinking, I might try and change my lessons! xx

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