Newport ,Pembrokeshire,here we come

Two dear friends came for cream tea yesterday .We sat in the shade of the garden and talked and talked and talked .One of them is not too well and has a gruelling summer ahead of her – 5 weeks of daily chemo and radio therapy .Two years ago ,her partner went through the same treatment. That must be so tough ,both physically and emotionally .

We got on to the age-old question …’why?’ …She is extremely fit ,healthy ,happy , hard-working, doesn’t smoke ,drink too much etc .All I could do was reel out Sheenagh’s wise answer ( and my mantra ) that there is NO logic in this world . Some people sail through life while others have to swim a bit harder and others have to fight to keep their heads above water. Then we got onto the science of it all .I apologise if this sounds muddled ,but I feel ,whatever sort of brain we have ,be it artistic or mathematical ,we try to make sense of stuff . This happened because of this ..or this is a result of this .All through our education we are taught to seek answers, problem-solve ,find the formula .But for this kind of s**t ,there is no formula .It is random , tough ,but random .Which is very scary .

On that happy note ,I’m going to load up Emerald and head for the hills.

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  1. Pembrokeshire is so lovely, happy memories from there so have a wonderful time and next year come to Newport over here xxx

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