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if you hear a load of expletives coming from W.ealing, don’t worry its only me trying to upload some photos Augustine sent us …please bear with me.

This is the email ( and maybe the photos ) he sent me today .

Once again thank-you to everyone who has helped to give these lovely children a chance.

Dear Rachel, John and the rest of the family,I am sorry to have been quiet, in part because I had handed over updates to another staff who have been sending things in the wrong address, and travels have also eaten into my time. I have decided that I will continue with the communication so that you can see the progress in shorter intervals as this will also keep friends knowing what their donations are achieving with the children at Southend Academy.

Brenda continues to work hard with the children. They had a break in April and opened again on 3 May. I was able to visit last week to view the progress but I did not have my camera with me, and Brenda had also been taken ill. Fortunately, it was Malaria that was detected early, and she was back at work on Thursday. I sent one of the staffs yesterday to take pictures of some of the work I saw, and also take some of the children while on session. I enclose these for you.

I am glad Andy will be here the 2nd part of the year and he will be able to see the tremendous work going on.

Thank you so much and Best Wishes top you all


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