News from Uplands

Grandmama is still there, 87% of the staff have left or handed their notice in ( joke ). Grandma told me that the lovely Patricia’s ( The activities organiser ) husband was building a barn in the courtyardy garden outside Grandma’s window. I imagined something like the one in ‘Witness’ , until I spoke to Patricia and found out it’s a BAR – and not the type ballet dancers hold onto to do their ‘pas de ders’ ( not much use for one of those in Uplands )- sounds good to me. Grandma is now sitting on her wonderful new fleecy ,sent from Sally in NZ, she’ll have to make sure she doesn’t spill one of her 6 daily mugs of cappuccino ( instant – and half price in Sains this week ) on it . Grandmama and I picnic’ d in the Rookery, and I had a bit of a star spot – the girl who plays Karen, in Outnumbered, was with her mum , and walking their dog .I recognised her voice.I tried to explain the whole prog to grandma, but gave up and bought a her a 99 ( Grandma ,not Ramona whatsername ). Returned to Uplands through the wooded area – not quite a beauty spot , but Streathams well known dogging area – never seen so much activity in the trees.
Jacob is sweltering in 40 degrees heat in Marrakech

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  1. the g sounds good. just about to go on an excursion to the desesrt. tonight we stay in a valley and tomorrow we we sleep in th dunes.havn;t od;d on tagine yet. the riad is great.give my love to the g.

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